About House Excelsior




We are a household within the Society for Creative Anachronism that is based in the Kingdom of Meridies, but not limited to just that Kingdom. Currently we have members in an additional six other Kingdoms. Our household has many focuses, but all are aimed at one lofty goal, as the name Excelsior states.... Ever Upward. We constantly strive to better ourselves and those around us, to rise upward in our service and our skills.

The household was formed and is headed by Sir/Master Geoffrey MacDomhuill, and his Lady, Maestra Isabella DeBoyce. They have each been active within the SCA for 30 years, and have lived in five different kingdoms and traveled many more.

The members of this house are based around, but not limited to Master Geoffrey's Apprentices and Squires, and Meastra Isabella's protoge's, however, the main criteria for all members is the desire to excel in all that they do. They must also strive for authenticity, pageantry, chivalry and have a willingness to serve their kingdom.

Excelsior News:


Timothy has won CROWN LYST!!!!!   He and Ysmay will be coronated on Oct 14th 2017!!!!     WOOT!!!!