The Ballad of Roberto

Written by:

Ld Timothy of Bennington


Alas I stood upon the wall to look upon my foes
They were as fierce as lions and came at us in droves


I leaped ahead to slow their pace
A spear in each opposing face
A pile of bodies I would leave
A story none would ever believe


But alas my story was short told
For there was a knight who proud and bold
Stepped out of line without a fear
To thwart me and my deadly spear


He got the jump, I was too late
It seemed that I had met my fate
A shadow brimmed across my head
But a moment later I was not dead


I heard the smash but felt no rattle
Perhaps I was weary from so much battle
For surely I had met my end
So why was I still breathing then


I opened my eyes, but just a crack
To see if I was on my back
And behold a site upon the field
The sword had met with Robert's shield


With catlike grace and falcon's speed
He saved my neck, he did indeed
He intercepted that grave attack
And quickly delivered several back


And with this ballad I repay
The debt that I had earned that day
For surely I would have been clobbered
Had it not been for the mighty Robert




(This Bardic piece was inspired  by actual actions that occurred at Castle Wars (2009) in Meridies.)