A Period Helmet Suspension Harness

This helmet suspension harness design is based off of the remains of several liners that I have seen in helmets in various museums. Such a liner can be made from cloth, but I prefer suede leather. Measure the circumference of your head and add about 1/2 inch. That will be the measurement for the brow area that gets sewn together in the above picture. The top is closed by a leather thong or a cord. The lace holes around the bottom get sewn to a matching set of holes that go around the edge of the helm. I generally sew this with sinew  Depending on the fit of your helm, a light layer of padding might be needed in the lower section of the suspension harness so that the helm does not strike you in the side of the head. This padding will be completely hidden so it will not distract from the period look your new liner will give your helm. The upper section of the helm will need no padding. The hight of your helm can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the leather thong, at the top.