Peg Together Mortise and Tennon stool

Tools needed to complete this project:


Tape measure


Carpenters square

Circular saw (can be replaced by jigsaw)

Jig saw

Router (optional)


Wood file

Clamps (2)

Bore bit set

Sand paper

Poster board

Step 1: Cutting the board into sections


   The board we have is a 1X12 at 6ft long. Please be aware that a 1" board is actually 3/4 inch thick. This wood will work well for these benches, but for a longer bench you may need to add a central support or use thicker wood to prevent seat sag.

Our bench we will be making will be 18 inches tall, by 19 inches long. We will start by measuring out our board into the following measurements: 18 – 18 -17 – 19. The two 18 inch measurements will create the two legs, the 17 inch measurement will create the cross piece. The remaining board (aprox 19 inches) will create the seat.

Using your speed square set crossways on your board to guide your saw so that you get a square cut on your board. To accomplish this, place the blade of your saw on the center of your line. Place the speed square along the edge of your board and place the leg of the square against the base of the saw. As you cut, insure that your saw follows the edge of the square.