Twans Brunna Yule party and Workshops

15 Dec 2012

The great and kind people in the forming shire of Twans Brunna invited myself and Isabella over to enjoy their Yule celebrations and to teach some classes.  Isabella taught Fbric indentifcation, Italin 1520's dress making, and scribal arts.  I spent my day out in the barn doing a chair workshop at which we produced 7 more chairs.   This brings the total chairs to 89.  Once I was home I decided to build one more to round it off to bring the toal to 90 so I have included the pics of that chir here as well.


  After the workshops were done, we cleaned up the chair workshp area and made a candle lit dining hall where we enjoyied a wonderful feast as well as some period board games.  We then retired to the bon fire and got to use our new chairs, and enjoyied a frothy beverage or two.  A good time was had by all!