Household Cook out and A&S day

  18/19 July 2009



I would like to thank everyone who attended the Cook out/A&S day for the household. I believe that it was a good time and a productive time for all. We had several household members attend, as well as a few guests. Isabella, Geoffrey, Morrigan, her mother, Camric and Dinaora, all attended RUM (I will do a write up of RUM soon). Instead of staying for feast at RUM, we returned to Geoffrey and Isabellas for a cook out. RUM actually turned out to be a very good event.

Those who went to RUM were joined by Ivarr and Heildawulf for 1"thick ribeye steaks, garlic bread, corn on the cob and 2 types of potato salad, and as much beer as we could drink.   We ended up staying up until about 2:30 telling tall tales... which were of course all true... really.... no... really.....

Here are the A&S day breakdowns;

Geoffrey assisted in the armouring projects, and also reworked his fancy (but too heavy new fighting sword) and made it lighter.
Timothy worked on his gauntletts, and also did Heraldic Design with Isabella.
Heildawulf did armour and clothing research, and worked on new garb.
Ivarr worked on his gauntletts (and I think something else...)
Morrigan worked on brewing (which unfortunately kept her at her house for the A&S day, but she was doing A&S)
Issabella assited with garb, Heraldry and also did scroll painting.
Ld Camrion of the Black Isles, and his Lady, Lady Dianora de Cellini (both are being sponcered for memebrship by Lady Isabella) also atteneded. Camron worked on armour and Dianora worked with Isabella, and worked on blackwork.
We had a third guest, Morrigans Mother, Dianne. She attended the cook out on Saturday night, and assisted Morigan with the brewing


In keeping with the spirit of the day, two of our Out Of Kingdom Members also did an A&S day. Dinah and Arialt worked on thier pavilion. She constructed new curtains while he worked on new poles and ropes. Arailt also worked with local shire members on the construction of an English long bow made from Hickory. The bow is about 80% done or about the same amount as the ones found on the Mary Rose. He also made a Flemish twist bow string for it on Sunday.  They both are planning to teach classes at Pensic.

All in all I feel it was a productive day for A&S, but even more, it was a good chance to get the houshold together to enjoy good food (ribeye steak, potato salad, garlic bread, corn on the cob... yum yum yum...), cheep beer and to hang out and just socialize. I had a really great time, and I look forward to the next chance we have to something simular!