Fools War 2011


Once again Fools war proved to be a great event. Many members of the house came and we had many guests in camp. Our camp totaled 52 people, with 13 pavilions in camp (including the great hall and kitchen). It made quite the encampment, and we received many complements. Excelsior also acted as the Royal Liaison for Their Majesties Maximilian and Letheren, and His Highness Caspar. In that duty we hosted a Royal Luncheon which her Majesty said was the best Luncheon she has had in all of her four reigns. We held it in our Grand Pavilion, with back ground music, and a meal prepared by our own Grand Chef, THL Dianora Lizabetta di Vittorio Cellini (Assited by Ld Marco) and served by Mina Ginevra Moretti, Lord Bjorn Johansson, Lady Temair Donn ingen Donnchada , and our guest, Jolly. Several other house members assisted in the set up and clean up. I would like to thank them all.


  At this particular event we debuted our new 18X24 Grand pavilion. While yes we have used it before, this is the first time the 18X24 has taken the lead roll as the grand hall. I must say that I am very pleased with the way it sets up as a Great hall. It shall become our standard great hall.