Gulf Wars 2009


Gulf Wars 2009 was a very great event for me and from what I have been told by my house members and those who camped with us, a great event for them as well. From the household we had the following members in attendance: Geoffrey, Argus, Morrigan, Talon, Lyonett, Anora, Timothy, Nicholas, Mev, and Loc. We shared camp with Baron Owen Sisk and his household and other friends and guests, including Robin who was voted into the household at Gulf wars, for an approximate total in our camp of about 30 people.

The encampment was set up around a large fire pit and my 20X20 pavilion which was used as a covered commons area (furnished by my new supper spiffy period tables!). Period pavilions were given prominent locations to create a wonderful view from the road as well as from the central areas of our encampment. Argus took it two steps further (not one, but TWO!) and hung banners and pennants around camp and inside the commons pavilion and created a visual aspect to the camp that had people stopping to take photographs! It was very easily found and or described so people could easily find our camp. At night, the six, 10 ft tall red and white gate banners (3 on each side creating an entrance corridor) were lit by tiki torches, and were an impressive sight from as far away as the battle field.

Although the first two days were rainy, it did eventually dry out and life in camp was wonderful. We ate like kings, and drank like kings as well, due to the efforts of our own Lady Morrigan the brewer! She supplied eight cases of very good home made beer and a case of wine. Lady Lyonet also contributed to our drunken stupor by bring out several bottles of her cordials. Tigger, a guest in our camp, not wanting to show up without a gift, brought a bottle of Crown Royal, which was shared by all. To say that we were not lacking on choice beverages would be a major understatement!

As always... or at least of the most recent several years.... Meridies Fought well and did more than their share in every battle we were in! Every Meridian warrior on the field made me proud to be called a Meridian!!!

A very special occurnace at Gulf Wars this year was during the field battle, after the lines had broken, Timothy found himself alone on the battle field... well... not quite alone.  Ther e were 5 very worthy opponates lookingto make a name for themselves by running down a  meridain spearman, and taking his head.   Little did they realize until it was too late, that they had chosen to run down Ld Timothy of Long Bennington!!!  The end result was a very tired Timothy and a pile of dead Ansteorrian sheildmen.  As Timothy was attempting to catch his breath he was approached by the King of Ansteorria.  His Majesty ask him for his name and upon receiving it, told Timothy to bring his King and meet him at his Royal pavilion after the battle was concluded.  Upon doing as his Majesty has requested, the King of Ansteorria announced that he was very impressed by Timothys valor and skill on the field of battle, and then presented Timothy with the "Sable Falcon" a very prestiougious fighting award from Ansteorria.  VIVAT TIMOTHY!!!