Gulf Wars XXI

(March 2012)

Well Gulf Wars was extreamly busy and extreamly fun.  I will have a lot more to write soon, but I am going to focus on getting the pictures up first, for we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.   So without further adu... here are a few hundred thousand words.

The Meridan Social


Their Majesties, Keneth and Sabine, asked me if Excelsior would be interested in doing the Meridian Social.  We did not know the theme, but we said yes anyway.   Well, Their Majesties told me the theme would be "Super Heros".   I must say that I had my doubts, but then I thought of the members of House Excelsior, and realized that we were well suited for such a task.   Well, I will let you be the judge of our success.  Here are the pictures.

Camp life

I am very proud of our encampment.  We had over 80 people staying within our camp.  This included House Excelsior, House Silver Oak, House White Lynx, The Baron and Baroness of (and a few members of) The Barony of South Downs, and the student group from the collage in Statesburo.   This is in addition to others who just always camp on this land.  It was a full camp, but we used it as an opertunity to tighten our friendships.  Here are a few hundred thousand words to let you know what our camp was like.

MudBug night

It is a tradition in our camp that one night, we send a driver southward to retreave mudbugs (crawfish).   We get them pre-cooked so once they arrive, we just dig in and eat.  This year we had him bring back over 140 pounds.  One of our people also mkes a bunch of Gumbo (5 gallons plus rice) to sweeten the pot.   Now, for those who are uninitiated in the ways of eating mud bugs, the feading frenzy can be rather messy, so this year we moved the tables out arround the fire pit and well... we will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Heavy Combat

What would War be, without fighters running amuck, killing, and slaying the whold day through?  Well, I am sure it would still be a grand time in our camp, but it would not be... well... war!   Here are a few pics of some of the fighting that took place.  Most, but not all  of these pics will feature someone from our encampment.

Rapier Combat

Cmaeron of the Black Isles is a force to be reconed with when it comes to the Rapier comunity.  We were very fortunate to have people who took many pictures of not only his exploits, but of others in our camp who follow in his foot steps.   Please enjoy these pictures, and take special note of the fact that the rapier fighters get to fight everywhere the heavy fighters get to fight, AND they get to fight ON A SHIP, and INSIDE the Green Dragon!!!   Way cool!  I guess I need to get re-authorized before next Gulf Wars!!!

General Photos from Gulf Wars XXI

This grouping of pictures are just random pictures from Gulf wars that happen to include people from our camp... or not.  Enjoy!