Jour D'Amour 2012

Jour D'Amour is an event hosted by Drakenmere.   That is Cameron and Dianora's shire.   They were very active in the running of this event and they asked some of us to help as well.   Isabella taught classes and ran the scriptorium.   I ran the fighting and the gaming tavern (The Cock and Feather) on Friday night.   Over all it was probably one of the most fun events I have been to in a really long time.




Pictures from the Cock and Feather

The "Cock and Feather Gaming Tavern" is something that I have wanted to do for a while, but time constraints have slowed its arrival.   However, I took this opportunity to break it out in grand style.  

   The general way the tavern was run is that each person would be given 25 gold coins.  These were to be used for betting on games, knife fights, hunker houser or what ever anyone wanted to bet upon.  You did not have to bet upon your self even.  I could bet 5 gold that Ulric would win in his 9 man Morris game verses Sven if I could get someone to take me up on such a bet.   Bench marks were set as goals for people to reach with their coins.  The first person to get 50 coins got to pick a prize off of the prize table.  The next bench mark was set at 60, then 70 and so on.

   I plan to do this again at future events, so if you enjoy period games, gambling, or are just looking for something to do on a Friday night to meet new people, keep an ear to the ground and listen for the next announcement of the "Cock and Feather"

Pictures from the heavy combat

Geoffrey was in charge of the heavy combat.  We had one authorization, Master Kahalen (sp?). For this authorization we were privileged to have Sir AEdward take the field.   Afterward we did around robin tourney where His Grace Duke Baru took home the prize of a live steel sword.   Afterward we spent the remainder of the morning and early afternoon doing pick up fights.   A lesson was learned upon this day, Geoffrey as a list mistress is bbaaaadddd!  LOL!

Pictures from the Rapier combat

Place holder, more to come)

Cameron ran the Rapier combat for the day, and I will hav eto get a write up from him to let us know how it went.   I do know that they had more rapier fighters than we had heavy fighters.  They also got to fight a bridge battle on a real bridge!  Way cool!

Classes and afternoon activites

Pictures from the Feast

Once again, THL Dianora prepared a scrumptious feast that was enjoyed by all.  There were lots of toasts, grand bardics (including a performance by Cameron) and even Dianora's famous mushroom soup!  Yum yum!

Pictures of the Dancing

And there was dancing.  As you can see from the pictues we had lots of dancers and we had lots of fun.  It was the largest dance gathering I have seen in quite a while.  It reminded me of the dances we held when I was young in the SCA.