Jour De Amour

9 Feb 2013

The Shire of Drakenmere held its annual event, Jour De Amour. We had a few of our house members attend, but most were not fortunate to experience this wonderful event. Normally it is held as a two day event, but due to a scheduling mistake made by the primary site, they were forced to switch to a site that only allowed them to hold the event as a day trip event. This did not take away from the enjoyment of the event at all. As usual Drakenmere came through with shining colors and put on a wonderful event.
The primary focus of the event was classes, which covered subjects as diverse as the making of maile, persona development, equipping yourself on a students budget, drop spindle spinning, and more dancing than you can take, as well as other classes.
The event also hosted the Meridian Heraldic and Scribal Symposium where you could submit your arms, ask heraldic questions, learn to do calligraphy as well as illumination of scrolls.  Isabella spent her day running/helping/teaching in this area of the event.
There was fighting that consisted of both Heavy and Rapier combat performed before the Ladies Gallery, with the emphasis being on galentry and chivalry. That was followed by open field pick up fights until we could fight no more.   yep. you guessed it, Geoffrey and Cam spent most of their day out here!  Geoffrey even designed the double round robin tourney that the heavy fighters fought.
The event was wrapped up by a court held by Her Majesty Elesanda  and then a marvous feast prepared by Excelsiors own Grand Chef, The Honorable Lady Dianora di Cellini, which included her famous mushroom stew which is to die for!!!  Bjorn and Temair graciously offered their time to assist in the preperation of the feast.  Cam spent all of his off the field time assiting as well.   Before you think that Geoffrey was a total slug, he did help orgainze and participate in the post feast clean up, but in truth, he was the closest to a slug that Excelsior provided to the event.
It was a great event, and I would highly suggest that in up coming years everyone in the shire should seriously consider putting it on your eventing calendar.