Panhandle Skirmishes 2008

Well, we survived another great event in Trimaris.   The hospitality of the Trimarians is beyond compare. When Her Majesty, Zepherina heard that Excelsior was going to have a camp, She made sure that we got the land I had used last year which is great land and very near to the Trimerian Royal cabin. That camping area already has a fire pit established and a picnic table built in. It is also very near to a shower house and easy walking distance to the feast hall and fighting field. I feel that it will make a great camping area for us every year.

In camp we had only myself and Talon as actual Excelsior members, but we also had Bejorn, and his Lady Temair, as well as Lady Lyonet camping with us as perspective new members of the house. In addition we had Owen, Ulf, Ian ogerslayer, Heildewulf, and Ivar (the last two are new shire members, and all except owen are Tir Bristian) for a total of 10 camping in camp. I believe all of you know Bjorn and Temair. They are formerly of House Bohan, but they split from Earl Sir Michale about 3 or 4 years ago, and have been in-active every since, but have come to Fools war at least twice during their absence. Likewise I believe that at least most of you know Lady Lyonet (pronounced Lee-o-net, ask me how I know!). She is Talons Lady, who has been making all of that wonderful garb he has been trying to show me up with. Making me up my game! She is formerly a merchant under the name of "The Trim Maven" and she lives in the Panhandle of Florida in the shire of Pheonix Glade.

For a gate we set up two of the tall red and white banners from the wedding of Argus and Mave. In front of each of these we placed a red Tiki torch. The effect was quite nice and the gateway could be seen as soon as you entered that half of the event site. The rest of the camp was marked by a simple but bright yellow rope. We set up a kitchen, and Lyonet Cooked breakfast (scrambled eggs and pancakes) for all in camp, with Bejorn suppling cheesie-grits. We had so much food that we started feeding anyone who walked by. It went over very well. Then it was off to war, and Bejorn and Tamera stayed bahind and spruced up camp and laid the wood for the evening fire.

When we returned from the meham of Melee, we relaxed until around 5ish and fired up my little grill. Around 5:30ish we started throwing meat on the grill, and soon there after we had food for all including 10 pounds of potato salad made by Lyonett, and Tenderloin pork roast marinaded in wine by Bejorn and Temair. I supplied big red cheep hotdogs for all!. We were joined by many others from Meridies as wel as Trimerians, including a bard by the name of Sean, who had a most impressive list of songs. We put flame to the fire pit and Duke Baldar brought forth his guitar and joined in for a relaxing time of song. Eventually we drifted out of camp to join the main gathering at the fest hall and to see friends who had not found the camp. To put it mildly, a good time was had by all, andit was expressed to me by many that they appreciated the atmosphere that our camp had provided for the supper as well as the food we gave out for the breakfast and supper. Many of those who visited were Peers of both Kingdoms, and they as well as all who joined us heaped forth the praises.

I am very pleased with the way things went. I will be contacting all red members concerning our 3 new prospective members withing the next day or so.

Well that is all for now. Those of you who missed panhandle, missed a very good time, but there will be more good times to come!