Panhandle Skirmishes 2010


At this years (2010) Panhandle skirmishes our normal land was accidentally given to someone else, so our camp moved over next door. In truth, this worked out fairly well for us, as our encampment was about half the size it was the previous year. I know that we did get many pictures of the encampment, but I have not managed to track them down as of yet. When I do, I will post them here, because the encampment did look quite wonderful with the trees making a very nice back drop.




But wait!   The adventure is not over!!!!



On the way home, Countess Hanna, Lady Moriagan, Ld Timothy, and Sir Geoffrey, were travleing the back roads in the Grand War Wagon.  It was not an uneventful trip.  We made it about half way home and the war wagon just died.   Ka-put.  We had to call road side service (which I do keep on that big beast) and get it towed away to be repaired...



...we poor refugees settled in to await our rescue.  It took five hours to get a vehicle to us, and our rescue was complete.... almost..   On the way home from our pick up, we hit a deer.  Luckily we were in a very stout SUV, which although it was damaged, it did make the trip successfully. Who says we do not know how to throw a party!   I cannot wait for next year!!!!