Pennsic 2008


Loch and Mev were two of our house members who

were able to attend Pennsic this year, and this is the story of their adventure.



Mev and I made the long journey up to pennsic at the behest of her Renn Fair boss and her Laurel Mistress Teja (Tigger). We were to camp in with the combined households of Mason Bazoomba (Sp?) and The Pirate ship Raven Spittle, who little known to us had just been invited this year to camp on the property adjacent to Vlads since he had just booted house Bardichi from said spot for reasons unknown to me. We arrived at the war on Sat July 26th and set to work pitch tents and building the Trademark pirate ship that acts as the front gate to the encampment (its based on the Fisher Price pirate ship).

After the first couple of frenzied setup and requisite getting to know you days we were welcomed to the camp like we were family. The gave us Raven Spittle Favors, and "boxed Mev" (this is some sort of female bonding ritual involving the presentation of a finely crafted wooden box about a foot and a half square that contains a fold down mirror in the lid and is designed to hold makeup and jewelry, and is apparently a sign of acceptance and honor in Mason Bazoomba). They took us to all the best parties, a couple of which were in our own camp and more than a few of which were next door at Vlads. They introduced us to Skivie fishing and Fizz ball and drive by drinking.

During the second week I fought. I asked Sir Morgan (the highest ranking Meridian on site, Earl Marshal) if there was a plan for fighting and he said, "Find some folks you like and fight with them just make sure your on the Mid Realms side." or something reasonably to that affect. my new friends in Raven Spittle introduced me to Clan McGroyne a mercinary company who had sold there services to Eathelmarc (who happened to be on the Mid Realm side.) So I fought with them. They let me leave all my armor and weapons in their camp which was about a block from the battlefield and were constantly offering me water and beer (durring the fight and after the fight respectivly). they even dressed me in one of there unit tabards and would have none of it when I tried to give it back.

The woods battle was amazing I have never experienced anything like it. The lost boys kamakazi battle was a blast, I really enjoyed the town battle and had fun in the first couple of field battles. It was only in the last to field battles... the last two battles of the war that I encountered any assholes on the fighting field. And they didnt even come close to ruining my fun.

  Finally I should like to tell you that we under the banner of the Raven Spittle were told that we must report to the court of TRM of the West. Feeling we might be in trouble, we dressed in our Best Pirate finery and armed ourselves with what ever was handy grabbed a few libations and headed for TRM's court en-mass. During court TRH of the Mists called for five of the crew and gave them...all from New Jersey (most of whom dont play in the SCA proper but have been coming to pennsic for 14+ yrs)... AOA's and then called for the whole crew of the Raven Spittle and gave us all an award their kingdom has for throwing a worthy party and entertaining the royals. I am happy to say the Mev and I were inducted into the Order of the Paragons of Merriment.

Thats all for now I'm sure I'll tell more stories from the war at Foxes. See Y'all then

Ld. Lochliann O'Cleirigh
Paragon of Merriment ;P