Saltare 2009

For those of you who missed Saltare, you missed a wonderfull time! I had more fun at this event than I have had at an event in a long time!!! We had four from the household in attendance, Bjorn, Temair, Isabella and myself. We took dance classes all day long (Bjorn and Temair also worked troll) and then went out to eat for dinner (the event does not have a feast) and returned for the ball in the evening. I will not claim to have "learned" any new dances, but I was familiarized with many new ones, enough so that even I could go out and stumble through them, and have fun doing it!

I even had a very embarassing moment... in one of the dances, you are selected from the sideline to dance, and after a short dance, you are supposed to break free of your current partner and select someone else form the side line.... During the ball, I forgot about that part, so I kept chasing my first partner arround and dancing with her, until she went sooooo far away I could not catch her and I ended up standing there confused. Luckily another lady took pity on me, and danced up to me so I danced with her... and yes, I chased her arround the ball until the end of the dance! Afterward Isabella wanted to know why I had not chosen to dance with her, and it took a little while to regisiter in my thick head that I was supposed to have gone to get someone else to dance with! Not only had I screwed up in the dance, I had left my Lady on the sideline... Very embarassing! But still tons of fun!

So if I can risk embarassment like that... so can you! I would like to see more of you all at Saltare next year, it is truley worth the short trip! And your ladies will enjoy an event where they do not have to wait for the fighting to stop so they can have something to do!


In Service,

Sir Geoffrey