Meridian Spring Crown Lyst 2012

Meridian crown lyst was wonderful once again.   House Excelsior really stepped up and made a presentation that WOWed them all.   The theme was "Peacocks" which included a life size mechanical peacock tourney car that flapped it's wings as it moved forward and the tail raised to expose Isabella and Geoffrey to their Majesties.  It was AWESOME!  


We also had peacock decorations, food and even fans for our ladies.  The largess Isabella handed out were miniature "peacock eggs" that were all hand painted.  Michelina made a beautiful Peacock cake.   All in all, it was fabulous!   Well done Excelsior!!!


(Oh yea, I placed 4th out of 18 not that anyone cares, compared to the presentation...)

Pictures from our Pavilion

Pictures from our Procession

Pictures of Geoffrey fighting

Other pictures