Tourney of the Foxes 2009


Well Tourney of the Foxes was a lot of fun. From the house we had Geoffrey, Ivarr and Heildawulf on the fighting team and Maeva cheering us on to victory. I will go ahead and ruin the suspence by telling you that we did not win, but I do think we fought very well, and only got our butts kicked once, and that was by the Legion of the Bear team, so I am good with that. Well let me recap the fighting first.
Our team consisted of:

Sir Geoffrey, Sir Bayden, and Sir Bartholomew, (Bayden and Bartholomew are both new to Meridies) along with Ivarr, Heildawulf, Sorca, Leigh, Master William, and a guy I think who's name was Wulfrick (I think), and last but not least, Crispin, (Timothy's" FUN".... See the Dave and Busters commercials).

The tourney was a round robin style tourney with 6 teams. That means that we got to fight every one of the other teams. The field was a rectangle which was divided in half by a river (2 long blue tarps) with a bridge in the middle. As we had a freshly made team, I decided to play it defensively as a general rule. In most of our battles we took our end of the bridge and fought the fight from there. We fought valiantly and won two of our battles, and presented the good fight (without achieving victory) in two more. We got our butts whomped by the Legion of the bear team though. But it was a heck of a lot of fun all the way around. And of course we did pick up fights... lots and lots of pick up fights.

As for the event in general, although we traveled in two separate vehicles, we approached site at about the same time so we joined up to caravan in. We got things set up and found ourselves sitting around drinking a beer or two. Geoffrey broke out his games and we played a dice game for a while then switched to Game of the Goose. Yes, the drinking version. After Geoffrey won 2 or 3 times... I loose count ;) we decided that the prize for winning was to get to make a new rule. Some examples were, "no one drinks alone", "if you stand you drink", and "If you have to be told to pass the dice... drink". Friday night soon became Saturday morning... and we finally went to bed, our heads filled with geese.
I have already told you of the fighting that we were blessed to partake in so, I will skip a retelling of that glory and move on until after court. Upon my return from court, I found young Ivarr and Heildawulf relaxing under the awning of my pavilion. I berated them harshly for missing the court of our King... (ok... ok.. .I poked a little fun at them.... ) and then turned talk to a more serious matter. During our time of glory on the field of battle, Heildwulf fought with his great sword, and he was brave and fearless, and he swung his great sword mightily, and he smote all those around him... (even a few of the enemy too....). So to reward him for his great service to our house and to the team (which BTW was known as "Geoffrey's Misfits") I presented him with a great sword that has a very nice set of metal quilions. Thank you for your service Heildawulf.
We then fired up the grill, and ate hot dogs and drank beer. Soon most of those who joined us the night before returned and another rousing game of the Goose soon ensued. There was much revelry to be found in our cam p that night. We were also visited by a lady bard who sung a song of viking love that was enough to make Odin himself weep. Then she sung for me a song I have searched for for 25 years, Tempered vengeance. I was awestruck. The nights revelry went on until the wee hours, and we finally retired after visiting a few friends camps ourselves.

In the morning we packed up and said good bye to our friends, old and new alike. It was a great event. I can not wait to do it again next year!

I should have more pics including some of the fighting very soon...