Tourney of the Foxes 2011


Once again House Excelsior made it's presence felt at Tourney of the Foxes. Unlike last year, when we actually won the melee team tourney, we did not even field a team this year. This was due to a large amount of injuries that has plagued our main core of fighters. So we decided to make our presence felt in other ways.


We were given two cabins to house our people in. Between these cabins there is a large open wooden pavilion. We used this area to do a Chair Making Workshop. Basically, I have gone on campaign to reduce the number of mundane chairs in our kingdom. To do this I have started hosting workshops whee you can come to an event and for a small fee to cover the cost of materials, you get to make a wooden chair that while not truly "Period" holds the flavor well, and still breaks down flat for transport. During this workshop we made 10 chairs. 4 more were sent home to be built. I consider that an outstanding start to my campaign! 


We also brought out our Household Heraldic banner, and had several of our members paint upon it. Much progress was made, but it is a POEP (Project Of Epic Proportions) so there is still much to be done. Proof that yes you can eat an elephant one bite at a time.


It has become a tradition of mine to host a cook out instead of doing feast at Foxes. Now I must admit this is a shame, because I hear that they have wonderful feasts at Foxes, but in my early years at the event, I always managed to miss the feast so it has become a tradition of mine. We hosted our cook out and invited all that we found who had also missed the opportunity to get feast so we ended up feeding about 20ish people. It was simple fare, hot dogs and sausage dogs, potato salad, chips and such.


As a result of the chair making workshop, we found ourselves in possession of a large pile of scrap wood. Toward the end of the cook out we lit our fire and the cook out turned into an impromptu party. After the feast had finished others join in and a good time was begun. I was shortly there after approached by the deputy autocrat, and asked if I could move our party (which had grown substantially) to the designated party area which was not far away. My rely was a request. Since it would be a large effort to move the 50 plus people, all of the tables and chairs, not to mention a lit fire to the party area, why not just re designate this are as the party area? They accepted my idea and we finished cleaning the work shop area up, put table cloths on all of the work tables, spread out the period games and a great time was had by all. Eventually Hunker Houser made it's presence known and once again, I went undefeated.


So in short, we had a blast at Foxes and never even donned armour. Go figure! 


Here are some general pics from the event, not just pics from our camp. Enjoy and I hope they inspire you to join us at Foxes next year! We will be there!