Baron Elijah Cameron of Black Isle

In the Green Dragon GW XXI
In the Green Dragon GW XXI



The product of a love story of epic proportions (best shared with a comfortable seat and a warm beverage or two), the tale of Elijah Cameron of Black Isle is one of grand adventure. From his earliest memories of wagon life with his mother and her adopted Roma family, through the warm yet puzzling reunion with his father (a Scottish Lord) and a multitude of siblings (mostly sisters), to the years spent at university in Italy, appointments at court, and his eventual commission as commander of a merchant fleet, the ongoing accounts of Cameron’s exploits could (and one day may) fill volumes. Elijah Cameron of Black Isle oversees operations of the merchant fleet of La Famiglia di Cellini from the deck of its flagship The Fair Lizabetta. When not at sea furthering the fortune of his employer (the radiant and inspiring Dianora Lizabetta di Vittorio Cellini ), he spends his time either at court, on campaign for his sovereign, or instructing gentles in the noble arte of defense.


Cameron began in the SCA in the mid 80’s in Ansteorra and became a rapier fighter by accident (a rather happy one), and has since been honored to serve as rapier champion to Barons, Princes, and Kings. Elevated to a Companion to the Order of the Bronze Ring of the Middle Kingdom by HRM Edmund II, Cameron has gone on to command armies at war (Pennsic and Gulf), assist in building one the most infamous rapier melee units in the Knowne World (Cameron’s Hellhounds), and establish the Black Isle Academy of Defense. Local offices held include Chronicler, Knight’s Marshal, and Rapier Marshal, and he has also served as Principality Rapier Marshal (Northshield). Additionally he has been MiC (armored and rapier), Autocrat, Feastocrat, dishwasher, stuff getter/carrier and more… At present, Cameron resides in the Shire of Drakenmere in Meridies, where he serves as rapier marshal for the group, seeks to inspire others to reach for those “musketeer moments”, and hopes to add to the glory and splendor of Meridies.


Outside the SCA (if there is such a thing), Eric Whitaker is an MFA candidate at Georgia Southern University. He lives in Statesboro, GA with his wife Kathy and an ever-growing army of animals with which he intends to take over the world (in a completely disorganized and apparently accidental fashion).


Awards (sans order):

Order of the Argent Comet (Meridies, Jan 2010)
AoA, Ansteorra
Sable Comet, Ansteorra (A&S)
Cavendish Knot, Midrealm (Rapier)
Griffon Sheriff of Northshield (Rapier, Armored Combat)
Warder of the Bronze Ring, Midrealm (GoA, Rapier)
Companion of the Argent Rapier, Meridies (Rapier)

MOB, Meridian Order of the Blade, Meridies (Rapier)

Baron, Meridies (Service)
Bunch of other stuff, Iron Watch (NS), Order of the Vanguard (Mid)


Member # 66857



Pictures of Cam From GW XXI (2012)

Cameron serving as a field marshal at Fools War 2009
Cameron fighting at Castle wars 2009
Cameron fighting at Castle wars 2009