Garb made by Master Geoffrey

Unless otherwise stated, any garb made by Geoffrey was do ne under the guidance of Maestra Isabella De Boyce.

One of a pair of Cotehardees made in Febuary of 2013.    One was green with gold flurs and the other was blue w Gold Flurs.    I believe that Myf currently owns the blue one.

Green Flur de lis Cotehardee.   These were made in Febuary of 2013

One of a pair of tunics that I made, one red with yellow, and the other one yellow with red (Excelsior colors).   These were eventually given to a fund raiser yard sale, and now have new homes. (2015ish)

Red and yellow Cotehardee (Excelsior colors). (2015ish)

Gold Diaper patterned Bag sleeve Houpaland (Early 2017)

Green bag sleeved houpaland.   Not fancy but it was used to help work out the pattern.  In the end the pattern worked fine and I ended up with a great, if some what plain hopaland!   They can not all be there fanciest!!! (Nov 2018)

And speaking of Fancy!!!  Red and Gold Bag sleeved houpaland.  Worn for Pelican ceremony.  (Nov 2018)

Roman armour for Fall Crown Lyst 2018

Burgundy Angel winged Houpaland with hand stamped argent Flur de lis, pelicans and Laurels. (Dec 2018)

Brown Houpaland with hand stamped gold mullets and pelicans and laurels.   (Dec 2018)

Brown patterned bag sleeved houpaland.    I fell in love with this fabric when I found it but I was afraid that there would not be enough of it to do a houpaland so I have hung onto it for years.   I am very happy to say that there was just barely enough!!!   (Dec 2018) 

Tope colored bag sleeved houpaland.   Not the most period fabric, but I used it as a starter to build my skills as well as for testing the pattern.   Although it was one of the first ones I started in this batch, it was one of the last ones finished.   However... I love it!   It came out wonderful and once finished it has a period appearance, and it is very cumphy!   All in all I think that it will get a lot of use!   It already has been to the Tir Briste Shire Championship gathering!    (Dec 2018)