Geoffrey's Blog

I have been tasking my associates to keep a running blog of their activities, projects, and accomplishments.  In the spirit of fairness I figure it is only fair that I do the same.    Here we go!!!   :)  (The most recent posts shall be at the bottom, as this shall be a time liner blog.)

A brief overview to get you caught up....

 For those who do not know me I will start with a bit of back ground to bring you up to date.  It is going to be a brief overview, so... sorry... no sorted details!   



    I joined the SCA back in January of 1986 (I was 21) down in Ansteoria (Corpus Christi Texas) in a small shire called Seawinds.   Within 3 weeks I was senechal of a group that was ripping its self apart with internal politics.   After about a year we moved away, Isabella to Midrealm, and me to Atlantia.   This was a military transfer so after several months I joined her in Mid realm.   This whole time frame lasted about a year or so, and then we were transferred to Spain.

    The time in Spain lasted about 3 years.   Upon arrival we found an existing shire that had not held a fighter practice or a meeting in about 6 months.   Things stirred up since they had new blood but soon the old guard left and I ended up as senechal once again.   During that 3 years Isabella and I pretty much ran the shire and kept it alive, holding practically every office at one time or another.

   Next we moved to Crete for 2 years, where we did not have a shire.   Isabella focused mostly on service for the Kingdom and I focused on starting GAA Armouries.   We took several trips up into Drachenwald proper, and did a huge amount of research and honing our skills.

   Then we moved to Sicily in Italy.   Once again we found the remains of a shire and fanned the flames.   Fortialisa De La Frontiara (Fortress on the Frontier) was born and we remained there for about 4 years, holding almost all of the offices once again.   Also during that time I was notified that Their Majesties of Drachenwald desired to elevate me to the Order of the Laurel.   

    Eventually (1997) we returned to America and found ourselves in Meridies in a small southern shire known as Camden Tor.   I took a job as an IT tech until Y2K, and shortly thereafter opened GAA armouries again here in America.   Around 2002 we moved further north to the Shire of Tir Briste.   I kept the armoury open for a few more years but then shut it down around 2005 and took a job as a photo copier technician.  This allowed me to focus on my fighting abit more and around 2008 I was announced for my knighting.

    Upon my knighting I started House Excelsior.  It has grown and has become my pride and joy.   One of the things I love about the household is the way our camps look.   We do strive to create that special very period place, and to accommodate that dream, I have become more of a wood worker than an armourer.  I do not so much make works of art, as I do camp furniture.   It all has the feel and look of period furniture, but it is  not worthy of A&S level work... but I would rather make  a dozen benches to seat the masses rather than make one perfect bench.

   Additionally during this time frame, i have started the Cock and Feather Gaming Tavern.   I felt that Friday evenings were neglected in the planning of most events.    Once people set up their camps, there was nothing planned for people to do, so they would sit in the hall and talk about sports or work, etc...  So I created a place that was filled with period games, and period music, where the world was lit by candle light and laughter!   I strove to create that special period place where people could step into a medieval atmosphere and hopefully catch that special feeling. 

    During this time frame I also did a 4 year stint as the General of the Meridian army.   I focused on a few specific maneuvers but mostly on the chain of command and pride in being the Meridian Army.   I was very pleased in the fact that our victory to loss ratio went through the roof.   We actually had armies leave the field half way through battles as well as decline to face us for the remaining battles at GW.   Over all, I would count it a successful tour.

   And in 2018 it was announced that Their Majesties Thorstenn and Dalla desired to elevate me to the order of the Pelican.   Due to mundane issues the elevation was passed to their Successors Adamar and Gwynnafarr, and on a cold November evening Their will was done.

   And that brings us to now, Dec 2018 by the common reckoning.  

A back log of stuff that should be mentioned....

In my back history section above I mentioned that I am an armourer, actually a Master Armourer (OL).   Here is a link to a gallery of some of my work for those who may wish to view some of it.  

Armour by Master Geoffrey 


Additionally I had mentioned that I made camp furniture.   This has mostly been tables, benches and chests, but also includes many other items.   Here is a link so that you may view some of those works as well.

Woodworks by Master Geoffrey


I had also mentioned the Cock and Feather Gaming Tavern,   Here is a link to the Face Book Group for the tavern:

The Cock and Feather Gaming Tavern


And here is a page of some of the garb that I have made.  Unless otherwise stated it was all made under the guidance of Maestra Isabella.

Garb made by Master Geoffrey


Awards held by Master Geoffrey




And now for the blog.....

Dec 3rd:   I am officially opening my blog.   My current projects are many fold so here is a brief list to give you a bit of insight as to how may projects I keep ongoing at any given time:  


I have started sewing.  Currently I have about 8 Houpalands under construction.  I have recently finished 2 and shall get pictures posted of those very soon.

I also have a cotehardee under construction.

I am assisting Isabella on making a new 1520's dress for her.  

I have started the plans for a new set of Tudor garb that needs to be ready before Feb 23 2019 (Meridian Challenge of Arms).

Also I have been informed that I am making Lansclenet for Mid winter (9 Feb 2019)


Lets see... we have Panhandle Skirmishes coming up.   I am in charge of the Meridian encampment as well as heading up the feast crew     I always arrange the camp so it is nothing new.   We create a period courtyard with the period pavilions.  We put a large fire pit in the middle of the courtyard.  We ring the fire with tables and arround the tables we put a ring of torches.   This serves as our feast hall and revel center pretty much for the event.   It is a lot of work (I supply all of the furniture) but it is well worth the period effect as well as the comradeship that we get from the Trimerians who join us.    We have a crew who bring in the kitchen and do most of the cooking (in this I am normally a helper bee at best)   However this year the event is in January rather than in the fall, and it kinda threw things off a bit, so I have kinda taken over as being in charge of the feast and they seem to be letting me... so... stay tuned!

   I should also mention that the Trimerians pitch in over and above by hosting a second half of the feast in the form of a  Low Country Boil.   Last year we joined the two together into our camp and it ROCKED!   So we are doing it again.


The Cock and Feather tavern is scheduled to appear at Gulf Wars for the Teens Party on Wednesday night.   Additionally it is scheduled to appear at Fools War on Friday night.


I shall be assisting My "Protogee in training" Eamund, with running the Excelsior Hydration Station at Meridian Challenge of Arms (9 feb 2019)





Dec 4th 2018:

I mentioned previously that I have been getting into making garb.  My primary focus has been making Houpalands (under the guidance of Maestra Isabella).   This particular houpaland was my first and it was completed earlier this year (2018).   Since I have been and will be talking about my garb work, I figured this would be a good one to post to kinda start the houpaland era.


Dec 4th 2018:

As part of my new houpaland wardrobe I desire to have several levels of houpalands, some fancy, some simple some plain, some light weight.   This was one that I made (under the supervision of Maestra Isabella).   This one is a simple plain green bag sleeved houpaland that I used to prefect my pattern.  I ended up with a nice but simple day ware houpaland as well.   Win Win!!!  (Finished Nov 2018)










Dec 4th 2018

Red and Gold bag sleeved houpaland.  This is the houpaland that I wore for my Pelican elevation.     The fabric is document-able and it has period bells going down each sleeve.

Dec 4 2018:

Roman fighting kit.   I did this pretty much my self.   I kept the required pieces of my fighting kit and made new garments and greeves and such to make it Roman.   This was made for Fall Crown Lyst 2018.














Dec 8th:   Camp Cheehaw visit

Several representatives from various SCA groups in the region traveled out to Camp Chehaw in Albany Georgia to meet with the park manager.   The effort was to establish good relations to allow the park to once again be used for SCA events.    We discussed many aspects of the needs and desires of the site as well as the SCA.   I am pleased to say that our efforts shall bear fruit, for Camp Chehaw shall not only allow the SCA to use the camp, they are very excited to do so.   This initiative was begun by Trent Tye, but also involved representatives from the local group, as well as Michael Noultan and the Baron and Baroness of Oldenfeld.



Dec 11th:  Fools War Land committee and staff

During FB discussions for the upcoming 2019 Fools war it was stated that there shall be a Land Committee.   I have asked to join the committee as well as take what ever position they desire for me on the land staff.




Dec 29 2018

Burgundy hand stamped angel sleeved houpaland with Flur de lis and alternating Laurel wreaths and pelicans around the bottom hem.    The sleeves are lined in black.

Dec 29th 2018

Brown angel sleeved Houpaland with Hand Stamped mullets and laurels and pelicans around the hem.  The sleeves are lined in red.

Dec 29 2018

Bag sleeved Houpaland with buttons down the front.

Dec 29 2018

Brown bag sleeved Houpaland.

Jan 6 2019:

    Busy weekend.... Our shire held its 12th night celebration.   I attended and participated in the Archery competition (scored 12 out of a possible 270 points!   WOOT!!!)  I also entered my brown angel winged stamped houpaland into the populace choice A&S competition.  Ld David won that with his tooled leather archery quiver.    We then rolled into watching the tournies and participating in various outdoor games followed by a wonderful potluck feast (I did chicken in Italian seasonings, not a period recipe, but all items used were period and could have been used).   We then started a swag gaming table where we played several dice games and knuckle bones,   All in all a wonderful day!


Sunday started early at 3am as I stared cooking the chicken for panhandle skirmishes.   Yes, I did go back to sleep and get a few more hours sleep.... but then it was back up at 7am for a food shopping trip and then a food prep workshop starting at 9am (thank you Excelsior!!!) and we got the stew ready for panhandle Skirmishes.    The chicken was all pulled from the bone and the veggies all chopped by 11:30 so I grabbed a shower and it was off to the fools war land crew meeting starting at 2pm.  Home by 5pmish.... time to start loading the trailer for Panhandle.   


Yep... Just another weekend.....

Jan 7 2019:

   This evening I helped Ld Fynlow (Jamie cain) pad and strap his new helm.



Jan 12 2019:    Panhandle Skirmishes

     We went down to the Panhandle of Florida for an event called Panhandle Skirmishes.   It is a small border war between Trimaris and Meridies, about 185 people showed up this year.    


   Several years ago it was noticed that there was no feast available and once the fighting was over, most of the people would just drift away because there was nothing left to do.   Well myself and several others got together and decided to host a free feast.   Over the years several of those people have drifted away or lost interest so it has kinda fell on me to carry the torch on the Meridian side.  Excelsior is my saving grace in this endeavor, as they assist with the camp as well as the preparation and serving of the food.  In addition we also have a few Trimerians who have stepped up and are doing a great job assisting.


      Well anyway this year we showed up on Friday eve and set up the Camp.   Thank you to Jacques and Ysabel for ariving early and securing the land for the camp.      We decided to do the Excelsior Barracks and used the 18x24 pavilion divided into 3 rooms with Jacques, Ysabel, and Eswyn in one room, Timothy and Ysmay in another and Geoffrey and Loch sharing the last room.     Once the camp was set we lit a big fire in the braisure and proceeded to entertain in true Excelsior style, with lots of free beer and knucklebones as well as several other games.   The night ran long, and much fun was had!


    Saturday I awoke, rather late for my norm, and proceeded to get drawn into a board game marathon with a 13 year old Trimerian lad by the name of Tearloch.   Eventually I decided to get armoured up and at least catch the last few batttles bt then I realized I had to start cooking dinner in about an hour and a half... so I opted to watch the battles instead.    Dinner was simple to cook as it was mstly pre chopped and such, but Ysmay, Loch and Dalla assisted me and we got it set up to simmer with the Ladies watching over it and stirring as needed (thank you Ladies!).   


     We attended court, then went back to camp and organized it in preperation for the evenings activities which included the bonfire and feast, along with Hunkerhouser (no one played) Kubb (really big hit due to Sir Timothies participation) Knuckle bones on the gaming table (me!!!), Squire pipes (Loch) and lots more free beer and tiquellia (Thorstens B-day!!!)  Again the night ran long, but this time I did not.   I was still a bit tired from the previous nights efforts, so I called it a night about 10:30.


    Sunday morning we all pitched in, and packed ita all down.   All in all a very fun event.   I would like to say that running that "Feast" has become one of my high lights of my year!

Jan 15-19 2019

Silent Auction and Menhir

Her Majesty requested that Excelsior do  fund raiser for her efforts at running the Known World party at Gulf Wars.  So Timothy, Loch , Cam and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday evening making or finishing up the things in the picture.   We took the items to Menhir and ran the first day of 4 events (Menhier, Knights Gambit, Turf Wars and MCA) of taking bids for the Silent Auction.    It as very successful and we expect it to be even more so by the time we finish the effort.   Additionally at Menhir I attended my first Pelican meeting.    We stayed at Arlens house and as usual, we had a great time.   Thank you Arlen.

Late Jan - Early Feb

Fruit of the Yew

I am spending a lot of small bits and large chunks of time preparing to autocrat an Archery only event at Chehaw park.   I am working side by side with Fynlow on this project.

Feb 2nd 2019

Knights Gambit

I went to Knights gambit and ran a chess only tavern on Friday night.  The tavern ran until dawn!    Thank god I did not have to fight the first tourney!    We set up the stuff for the silent auction again and took in several very nice bids.   I fought for the afternoon, then went to the knights meeting.   Following that I attended court where I got to present the tavern prize (a true surviving 16th c. coin).  We retired to the hall for a very good feast and then it was off to a light bardic circle in our camp.   I retired about 11pm.   I knew I had a good bit of driving the next day, and apparently I am not as young as I used to be!

Feb 23 2019

Meridian Challenge of arms

I attended Meridian Challenge of arms in support of the ongoing fund raiser.   I really did enjoy myself at the event.   Most of my time was spent handling the auction but I also got in a bit of time gambling at the table.   Additionally I really enjoyed watching the rapier fighters display their incredible skills and talents on and off the field.  They are truly passionate about their art.


Prep for Gulf Wars

Even though I did not get to go I had already obligated myself to do several things at the event.   Therefore I prepped the stuff and loaded it, and then sent it and my van with my squire Loch.  Thank you to all of my associates who stepped up and made sure that the things I would have done got done.   From camp organization, set up , and daily running, to chariot races and gaming taverns.   You are all incredibly awesome and I am blessed to call you friends!!!


The big prep project was building a chariot for races at the Meridian Social.  I built the red one (Painted by Jacques, Libby, and Ysabel, as well as My Lady Isabella)     The blue one was made by my' Squire Arlen McBlair.   (more to come soon)