The Knighting of Sir Geoffrey






Meridian Kingdom A&S 07 June 2008

King: Summon the members of Our most noble Order of the Chivalry.


Herald: The strength and stability of the Kingdom lie in these virtues of its people: creativity, service and chivalry - for if any of these are lacking, the Kingdom fails. The fighters of the Kingdom defend it with their swords and with their honor bring it glory on the field.

Their Majesties call the Knights of the Society.

King: Noble Sirs, is it your judgment that Master Geoffrey MacDomhuill (Mac-Dom-whoil) is worthy to be numbered among Our chivalry in prowess, loyalty and courtesy?

Chivalry: Aye.


King: Call forth the candidate.


Herald:  Their Imperial Majesties, Caspar and Cecilia, do command the presence of Their servant, Master Geoffrey MacDomhuill (Mac-Dom-whoil) .

Herald: Your Majesties, he who comes before You now is Master Geoffrey MacDomhuill, who serves You and this Kingdom, as a Companion of the warriors’ Orders of the Sable Sword, the Legio Ursi, and the Argent Shield. He comes now before Your Majesties to beg from Your hands the accolade which his peers agree is rightly deserved.

King: "Right mindful of your prowess on the field, and in response to the wishes of your peers, we are minded to make you a knight. Know you well that to wear the belt and chain of a knight is to hold a sacred trust, and that the obligations of knighthood will demand your efforts every moment of your life.


* A knight of the Society must accept the counsels of his king.
* A knight of the Society must respect all weaknesses and constitute himself the defender of them.
* A knight of the Society must not recoil before his enemies.
* A knight of the Society must never lie, and must remain faithful to his pledged word.
* A knight of the Society must give largely of his wealth and knowledge.
* A knight of the Society must be everywhere and always the champion of the right and the good against injustice and evil.

King: The Laws of the Society and the customs of the Kingdom require that a knight be prow, as you have demonstrated upon the field; that a knight be courteous, as you have shown yourself to be; and that a knight be loyal to his Kingdom and the Society. Do you then desire to accept the burden of knighthood and swear fealty to the Crown?"

Geoffrey:  I do, Your Majesty.

King: Who would speak to the Candidate's qualifications for this Estate?

Pelican-Mistress Mairi Ceilidh:  I, Mistress Mairi Ceilidh, would speak for the Pelicanate. (Speaker should speak to the service and courtesy)


Laurel-Mistress Ciarra Darrig:  I, Mistress Ciarra Darrig, would speak for the Laurelate. (Speaker should speak to the support of arts)


Knight- Sir Sir Ulrich: I, Sir Ulrich, would speak for the Chivalry (Speaker should speak to the knightly qualifications)

Royal Peer-Earl Richard Rafen: I, Earl Sir Richard Rafen, would speak for the Estates Royal. (Speaker should speak to the honesty, loyalty and support of the Kingdom)


King: With your qualifications been spoken to by these noble gentleman and ladies, let the Spurs be brought forward.

(Lady Isabella and Sir Cona)

While the Spurs are being placed on the Candidate's heels, the Herald continues:

As knights' spurs goad the war-horse so should they goad the knight to Valor, Service, and Diligence. Let these spurs hasten the knight to his duty that he might maintain his order in the high honor to which it belongs. By placing precious golden spurs near his feet, a knight displays disdain for worldly things.

One of the people putting the Spurs on the candidate should say as they near completion:

May they never be hacked from your heels in shame and disgrace.

Once the Spurs are on, the King continues: Let the Belt be brought forward.

(Sir Baras Bayan)

While the Belt is being girded on the Candidate, the Herald continues:

The Belt represents the unity of the Chivalry. The white color reminds the Knight to be ever faithful in his duties, to be pure of heart, and to be respectful in his actions. The belt hearkens back to the ancient days of the Order of the Garter, whose motto "Dishonour on him who thinks ill of it", speaks as a reminder to the Knight to remain ever honorable in his actions and his deeds.

The person vesting the Candidate with the Belt should say as they near completion:

Choose death before dishonor.


Once the Belt is girded, the Crown continues: Let the Sword be brought forward.

(Sir Fiachna mac Phiaraic)

While the Sword is being girded on the Candidate, the Herald continues:

The Sword represents the Knight's right to dispense justice. The double edge of the blade ever reminds the Knight to temper justice with mercy. As the steel of the Sword must be tempered in fire and water, so must the soul of the Knight be tempered by adversity and compassion.

The person vesting the Candidate with the Sword should say as he nears completion:

Never draw this in anger.


Once the Belt is girded, the Crown continues: Let the chain be brought forward.

(Viscount Syr Raim y Hynnddyl)

While the chain is being put on the Candidate, the Herald continues:

"The chain is of gold, purest of the metals, to signify the purity of the fealty which binds the knight and his sovereign one to another. The chain is weighty to remind the knight of the heavy responsibility he bears. The chain is the unique symbol of the Knights of Our Society, and as such it is the badge of the order just as our forefathers have used the fleece, garter, star, and cross to signify knightly orders.

The person vesting the Candidate with the Chain should say as he nears completion:

Wear this chain in service and fealty

King: Kneel.

At this time, we are minded to create you a Member of the Order of Chivalry.

Will you accept from Us this honor, and will you swear fealty to this,Our Crown and Throne of the Kingdom of Meridies?


Candidate:  I will

King:  Will you now give Us your word that you will henceforth attempt in all your endeavors to be a noble example to Our people?


Geoffrey:  I will.


Queen:  Will you promise further to treat all with Courtesy, and to uphold the Laws and traditions of Our Kingdom?


Geoffrey:  I will.


King:  I dub thee once ... I dub thee twice ... I dub thee Knight.


King:  Rise, Sir Geoffrey


King:  Know, now that you are made a Knight, that you must aid the defenseless,seek justice for those of every station, and maintain the honor of Knighthood.

Let this blow be the last you receive unanswered.

(swear the oath of fealty)

People of Meridies, I present to you Sir Geoffrey MacDomhuill.