Wood Work by Master Geoffrey

As a wood worker my focus is primerily pointed in the direction of camp furniture.   My focus is not so much period replicas as making the things that make our camps much less mundane.   I am currently in the process of doing chair making workshops at various events with the goal of producing 100 chairs to replace the walmart chairs.   While the chairs I am helping people make are not period, they are medievaly styled and are much better than the walmart bag chairs.


   I also make things like wooden chests that are also coolers, medievaly styled beds, tables, and other furniture that will break down for ease of travel.


   I do plan to start doing more period types of wood working, but for now I am still focusing on the camp furniture.   Check back often and see what I have been up to.


   My most recent additions to this page are the six chests at the bottom of the page.  One is for my tunics and cloths, one is for candles.  The other one I have not quite decided upon.   The remaining three are for prizes at Tourney of the Foxes in August 2012