Lily Caradoc

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look over my profile.


My Name in the SCA is Lily Caradoc. I have been in the society for quite some time now. However my persona has been reborn this last year and I wish this to be the focus of my profile.


I do not have much in the way of photos or experience in the SCA yet, however I am continuing some activities.


I am a founding member of the Meridian Friars Club, a fun little yearly piece of entertainment for my fellow Scadians. With the help of so many wonderful people we are able to continue to think we are funny while you laugh at us. We are in our 6th year and 7th roast.

I also founded the Corner Party at Gulf Wars. Every Thursday at 8pm on the corner of Kings and Queens. I will not be there in 2011 but look for us in 2012 just before the world ends.


I am a squire to Sir Master Geoffrey. My plans for fighting are on hiatus for a while. I want to feel more comfortable with being out and on the field. One day I will be fighting again and I look forward to that day.


I can now say I am a leather worker, amateur metal worker and all around artist. You can see some of my art around the kingdom. It makes me feel great to add to the pageantry of it all with banners and décor.


My persona is Meridian and I rather like it that way. I am trying to build a wardrobe at the moment so I may attend some events.


The most important thing here is I was dropping out of the SCA game, only to return to the occasional event to see my friends. I was and am tired of the politics. During this time I found the courage to be who I truly feel I am inside and bring her out. I have received so much positive encouragement from all you my friends in the society. Honestly you have all made this one of the best transformation stories I have ever heard. Not often does a community come together behind one in my position as you have for me. I tell your stories to other people in transition to show how it can be.

How can I stay away from all of you my friends? You have drawn me back into the society. It is because of you that I write this new profile today and I want you to know how much you all mean to me and how much I truly love each and every one of you.


Outside of the society I am involved with several groups. I am now, I guess, a chair for SCC in charge of the Program Guide and printable. This is a non profit organization that helps the Trans community. SCC is the largest convention of this type and it is based here in Atlanta. I am also involved with T.E.A.M Atlanta. An activist group for the LBGT community and am talking to others about some different projects.


After giving so much to the SCA over so many years I find my energy to be better spent on these other activities. They help me and help others. I feel more comfortable spending my time in the SCA relaxing and having fun with family. As time goes on I will become more active. But for now I am just grateful to have you all in my life and will continue to run the little fun events I have built and support you in whatever help you need. I plan on attending several events this year and hope to see you at the ones I can make.

Lily Caradoc of the household Excelsior,

The Kingdom of Meridies


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AOA, Meridies
Argent Comet
, Meridies

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Lily and Arton
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