Mina Ginevra Moretti



Mina Ginevra Moretti is an Italian interested in costuming of ALL eras, but primarily sticks to the garb “that best fits the weather”. This could mean she could be wearing Macedonian, Greek, Celtic, Viking, Byzantine, or 15thc Italian. She is interested in almost everything ‘artsy-fartsy’ and hasn’t, as yet, focused on any one discipline other than garb-making. She hasn’t figured out her ‘persona’ as of yet. More coming when she does.


Jennifer Jolley is a Staff Sergeant (E-5) in the U.S. Air Force. She is currently serving our great nation, with her husband Albert Jolley.  She is the proud mother of Kyra.


This House Member holds the following awards:

Meridian Cross (A&S Meridies)