Glazed Carrots

By Geoffrey


The glazed carrots were a simple dish that was supposed to be a small little addition, but turned out to be a much larger dish than expected.   I am glad that it did because I even liked them, and I do not like carrots!   The reason they turned out to be more than expected was that when I went shopping for the carrots, I needed 10 pounds of carrots.   They did not have a 10 pound bag, so I was looking at purchasing 2 five pound bags.  This would have cost the same as a 25 pound bag.   I got the 25 pound bag.  More is better, right?   Well we made them all and they were well received.



Chop your carrots however you desire, then boil them.    Then take your carrots and put them in a large skillet along with a large measure of butter.  Once the butter melts, add brown sugar until they have a good glaze.  Serve.  See, even I can do that! OK... I had help. :)