Roo Broth (Venison Stew)

By Ivarr and Helga

Venison stew with barley (either cook the barley separately, or add to soup to thicken)


Roo Broth

ca 1 lb venison, cooked or parboiled, cut into small pieces

ca 1 ½ c. each water, red wine

½ c. breadcrumbs (whole wheat or rye, the darker the better)

¼ tsp. each ginger, cinnamon, mace

1 tsp. salt

¼ c. red wine vinegar

¼ c. currants

1 tsp Marmite or other yeast-based gravy seasoning (in lieu of blood)

Cover the chopped venison with wine and water; simmer for about an hour. Steep the breadcrumbs in some of the broth (and the Marmite or other colouring), and stir into the pot, along with currants and seasonings. Simmer for about five minutes more, stirring occasionally, before serving.


My suggestion would be to cook it without the breadcrumbs and currants (see ****) but DO add the seasonings in after the first hour and simmer for a while and freeze. Then, day of you can reheat and add breadcrumbs and currents to reheat. If adding barley directly to the stew I would do that day of as well.